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The steel and metal stock is a nice addition and so would have been a metal magazine but overall for a low cost replica BB and Airsoft shooter you do get your moneys worth. Replica Airguns. US Store. Canada Store.

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ASG Cobray Ingram M11 Submachine BB Gun | Airgun Depot

High capacity 39 rounds magazine. Built in metal and steel retractable stock. Decent fps. Available in both 4. Cons: Pretty much all ABS, kind of light weight. No blowback or many working parts.

Cobray Ingram M11 CO2 4.5mm bb 2.5J #DMdiffusion a18522

Weight: 2 g Material: steel Length: 29 mm. The installation of this component ensures reliable operation of the gearbox. If you decide to personal installation gearbox parts as gears, pistons, springs, etc. Weight: 5 g Material: steel Package quantity: 1 pcs.

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Long-awaited MK43 machine gun replica. Replica is made from metal and high quality polymer.

Barrel and bipod assembly, receiver are made from aluminum. Regulated bipod, carrying handle, rear sight, hinged shoulder rest are made from steel. Other metal parts are made from The replica is surprisingly well and carefully made. Similarly to the original, the mechanism of the removable barrel is functioning.

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The replica is equipped with a folding three-position bipod bipod with a maximum length of 38 cm. The whole structure is made of metal, thanks to which the replica weighs together with a box magazine which is in the set The whole structure of metal flash hider, barrel, barrel change flap, weapon receiver, grip, trigger, receiver cover, front sight and rear sight mainly ZnAl. From steel is a bipod, barrel change latch, cocking slide, cocking handle, feed tray with cartridge stop and rear anti-aircraft sight We present model of machine gun PK.

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As a "base" to create PKM replica we used legally available parts for real PKM and technical drawings which let us correctly measure parts which are hard to access such as: outter barrel and body. Please Note!!! Estimated delivery time is working days! The reinforced complete V2 version gearbox was designed to be mounted in the M4 replica series. It is a perfect solution for those who want to buy a good gearbox in a reasonable price. This time WE offers a true Soviet classic. MK is a replica of a known Makarov compact pistol for 9x18 mm ammunition.

The replica was made with the highest care for details.

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The quality of finish and how well all parts are aligned together can be experienced Weight: 10 g Material: metal. Made of high quality materials selected so as to satisfy the requirements of even the most demanding players. Highest quality 6mm Guarder BBs. Perfectly round, polished. Color: white Weight: 0,20g Manufacturer: Rockets.

Diameter 5.

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Highest Quality which affects effective accuracy, good shot grouping, long range and minimal jamming. Suitable for 6. Standard CO2 12g capsule for CO2 gas replika.

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