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I would say it can help if you have many large files video etc. I have tried iDefrag with good experience. But did I notice anything else than prettier defragement graphic bars?

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Not really, or someone else may have different experience. I have found that Onyx is an excellent app for keeping my Macs in top shape. It's also free, which helps. There are many little tweaks in there that will get your system running as well as it can. Hope it helps.

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I ran into the same situation before myself - Bootcamp needs enough contiguous free space in order to partition the drive - I used idefrag, it worked well. I am using Fusion to run Windows as a virtual machine.

This may be one option for you - instead of buying a defrag program, buy VMware fusion. If you don't like it you can still go back to your original idea. If you want to defrag the drive and the cloning is not the thing that you want, then in that case you need to use any of the drive defrag software as it might be the case that defrag not let you defrag the files those are more than 20KB of size, while you are editing videos or images most of the file get a lot of space and these all files are out of Mac utility scope.

TechToolPro can defrag I have the "for pay" version, I don't know if the free one you can download from apple does defrag?

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Defragmenting in Mac Lion is almost not required at all. But when we are working with large files like media files, we need to defrag mac files using some third party defragmenting software like Stellar drive defrag. You can manualy do this process, but its risky nd unsure that's why it is better to take help from Tidy Up Mac tool.

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Although, defragmenting boot volume enhances the Mac speed. But it is recommended to backup important data before initiating this process. There are many tools which can be tried as free demo version available online on their respective websites. Help Translate iFixit.

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Apps for disk defrag: - iDefrag is the most popular app. Android Fix Kits. A new screen or battery is one kit away. Chosen Solution.

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This software provides multiple Mac defragging options like Metadata defragmentation, Full defragmentation, Quick Defragmentation to defrag a Mac hard drive safely. You can also choose whether you want to defrag entire drive or some particular file from your hard disk. Another benefit of using this software is its compatibility with the latest version of Mac OS. You can easily use this software to defrag your Mac hard drive which results in an improved Mac performance. It deletes all the unused space, duplicate files, repartitioning to ensure that your Mac hard drive will work appropriately and smoothly.

However, they are not the final software which a Mac users need to use for defragging their hard drive. If you any other software that resemble the same functionality mentioned in the above software, then feel free to share with us through the comment section.