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Wireless keyboard Unifying receiver Charging cable User documentation. No results found No results found:" " Please try again. Looking for more See all results:" " All Results. Buy Now Buy. The backlit keys automatically adjust brightness to suit changing lighting conditions. Dimensions Height x Width x Depth: 32 mm x mm x mm. Weight: g. Connection support: Logitech Unifying 2. Bluetooth Low Energy technology.

Connect a music keyboard to your computer

Additional features 10m wireless range 2. Wireless encryption 3. Caps lock indicator light. Battery indicator light. Rechargeable with USB type C. I did not need a keyboard with all the bells and whistles that I'd never use.

This satisfies my needs and for a dollars you can't go wrong. Only 1 left in stock - order soon. Very nice keyboard just download the integration software from the official website install it and use it with Cubase or any DAW. The key touch is smooth, I like it Take it and you will be happy.

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So I upgraded from the Arturia Minilab, which broke on me in about over a year. The USB port kept pushing in.

Arturia offered me no help, saying I would have to pay, but took weeks to even reply to ONE email or response. I didn't know the quality of MIDI's actually mattered. I love it. It's solid. The keys are solid. Buttons are solid.

Choosing a musical keyboard

The build is solid. I love the color MPC buttons, the screen and all. I'm using the Vi M-Audio, 49 Keys 49 Keys Keystation In stock. I'm not a professional player or composer I wanted a keyboard that didn't have a ton of frills but rather just allowed me to primarily use as a keyboard. I also needed just enough keys so I wasn't cramming in my fingers to play chords and notes. This keyboard is awesome.

It's very light weight, 49 keys which I think are more than enough, well built and plugs directly into your iPad Pro using the camera adapter accessory. Exactly what I needed and does the trick. The midiplus X series has surprisingly excellent build quality and design. I was concerned the mini keys would be too small. I was concerned about the capacitive pitch bender and modulation being weird.

Keyboard Differences - Switching to the Mac: The Missing Manual, Mavericks Edition [Book]

NOT SO! I prefer these now to the mechanical pitch benders and modulation wheels on other keyboards.

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Capacitive sensors are very responsive--just don't wear gloves when you play, right The X series has a metal body, not plastic excellent. Of other concern was the touch velocity curve of the actual keys. I would give them a 7 out of You can force a louder curve by setting to 2 or 3, but the default suits me fine out of the box.

A really good and affordable keyboard controller.

Keyboard piano for mac

Pick this one over many others in the price range. I have 30 years experience playing Great Midi Controller alone for those nice sem-weighted keys. They feel great and spring right up for very responsive chord runs. Design is super slick, and its shaped really nice, great for limited space. Then the pads Imagine inheriting a new house, but the house is in ruin.

click here That is how I see these pads. On one hand, It's neat and they work ok 80 percent of the time. On the other, I had to tinker with velocity curve for about an hour to get to 80 percent. The double tapping happens, its annoying but not a deal breaker, since I'm using it for home recording not DJing, so a quick snip in piano roll fixes it fine.

What is a Mac mini and what does it do?

Back to those keys, of those wonderful keys. Still give a 4 for the price to It's plenty functional, and the build quality is pretty good, but I found it kind of awkward to switch modes using the shift key.