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Absolutely Positioning a Graphic. In order to effect this positioning, you would follow these steps if you are using Word or Word Insert your picture as you normally do. Click on the picture one time to select it. Choose Picture from the Format menu. Word displays the Format Picture dialog box. Make sure the Layout tab is selected. See Figure 1. Figure 1.

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The Layout tab of the Format Picture dialog box. Click the Advanced button. Word displays the Advanced Layout dialog box. Make sure the Picture Position tab is selected. See Figure 2. In the Horizontal area of the dialog box choose Absolute and set the picture to be 2 inches to the right of Page. In the Vertical area of the dialog box choose Absolute and set the picture to be 3 inches below Page. Make sure the Move Object with Text check box is cleared. Close both of the open dialog boxes. If you are using Word 97 or Word you should follow these steps: Insert your picture as you normally do.

Make sure the Position tab is selected. Using the Horizontal field, and its associated From drop-down list, specify 2 inches from the Page.

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Using the Vertical field, and its associated From drop-down list, specify 3 inches from the Page. Click on OK. Author Bio. The Standard on the Ruler Need to know all there is to know about the Ruler? Discover More. Moving Table Rows Quickly One of the most esoteric shortcuts available in Word is one that allows you to move table rows, either within a table or Keeping Paragraphs on the Same Page Don't want your paragraphs to flow from one page to another?

More WordTips menu. Understanding Grayscale Images Word allows you to easily add images to your documents. Default Picture Location When you insert pictures into a document, the first folder that Word opens up is normally the My Pictures folder. Editing Wrap Points If you have a graphic that has text wrapping around it, you might want a way to modify the wrapping path used by Word.

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Hide my email address. What is two more than 6? Perfect fix Allen; thank you! Where is Picture? I can't find it. This Site.

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To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. Mac Author Name Remember Me? July 13th 09, PM posted to microsoft.

Picture Placeholder on a PC vs. In Word on a Mac, I was able to set a picture box which included a for placement only picture as a "placeholder" so another user could open the document and just click on my placeholder to insert their picture.

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The other person is using Word on a PC and it doesn't work. Looking into it, I don't see the "placeholder" option in the advanced format picture window. Does anyone know if there is a way to create a picture placeholder in Word ? Perhaps it's called something else. July 14th 09, PM posted to microsoft. This will create text boundaries in which you can insert your picture.

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You can save and close the document without inserting a picture in it and then reopen it, double click on the picture outline and insert your picture. This is the closest you will get, I think. July 16th 09, AM posted to microsoft. Thanks for your reply but this wasn't what i was looking for. I need to send a document off to a client who needs to see an actual picture in the document but once they click on the picture it will bring up a dialog box to locate another picture that they can swap the original out with.

This was easily achieved on a Mac in Word by clicking the "picture placeholder" button however the client is working on a PC and when I opened this on a PC to test it out, trying to click on the picture did absolutely nothing as this effect did not transfer cross platform.

I am hoping that someone will have a work around if there is one for this. If not, does anyone know if a newer version of Word for the PC would achieve this result?

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Run Macro On: If macros are available to this document, you can choose one to be triggered as the form field is clicked into or exited. Calculate on Exit: If you have calculated fields, select this check box to have them calculate when exiting the form field. Fill- I n E nabled: Select this check box so your field can be typed in. Add Help Text button: This opens the Form Field Help Text dialog that enables you to add a prompt or explanatory text about the form field. This help text appears in the status bar at the bottom of the document window, or you can have it appear when the user presses the Help button on the keyboard but not from the Help option you see when you right-click or Control-click the field.

I would like to embed instructional text in the template which will guide users through the process of creating the document. Ideally, I would like for this to function similarly to the way PowerPoint prompts users to enter text for new slides. For example a new slide displays "Click to add title" and then the user can click on that box to type in the title text and the prompt text goes away. Unfortunately this method does not allow the prompt text to span multiple lines, so it is rather limiting.

I don't really want to use a fill-in field for this, because I don't want to force the user into filling in the text via a dialog box. Similarly, using a form field does not seem appropriate because the user should not be limited to entering the text into a text box.