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The apps integrate much better with OneDrive than the previous versions did, and they support the standard collaborative editing features present on other platforms.

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All apps also play nice with OS X-specific features, including Full Screen mode, sandboxes for apps, and Retina display support. Interested users can download the beta here , and it can be installed alongside Office if you're not comfortable doing all your work in beta software. Microsoft's auto-updater will patch the apps as new versions are available. Microsoft says that each build will expire after 60 days, so don't expect free software in perpetuity.

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You can pry my copy of Word 5. Go back to the drawing board, please. I'll stick with Pages. Andrew Cunningham Andrew wrote and edited tech news and reviews at Ars Technica from to , where he still occasionally freelances; he is currently a lead editor at Wirecutter.

Microsoft Powerpoint is arguably the most creative tool of the Microsoft Office suite, allowing you to create professional presentations with minimal effort. It's so easy to use, that you can create a presentation from scratch without any prior knowledge of using Microsoft Powerpoint and you can make it look very professional thanks to a wide selection of template s.

Microsoft PowerPoint

Once you've created the first slide, you can change the subject and add new elements such as tables, graphs, charts, pictures, videos, songs and other animations. The main features of Microsoft PowerPoint are the Arrange functions, which help you rearrange the elements of the slide and Quick Styles for changing the format. There are also group editing tools, tools for retouching photographs and much more. Finally, you can control the interval time between slides, and add notes to help you when you give your talk.

You can even broadcast and share PowerPoint presentations online thanks to a Powerpoint Broadcast Service.

How to export Apple Keynote presentations as Microsoft PowerPoint documents

Microsoft Powerpoint remains the corporate favorite for creating presentations with style. I thought that they would have fixed it by now!!! I downloaded it made a slideshow it worked on the computer.

Not on the projector. Now I have 1 day to get my slideshow ready!!! Pros: None!!!!

Cons: Does not work!!!!! Not ready for prime time.

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This version of PowerPoint for the Mac is not ready for prime time, that is, it should not have been released until it was tested and ready. The purpose of this application is presentations, and unless you plan on giving presentations without a projector or via WebEx, forget about using PowerPoint for its prime purpose.

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My experience with it has been very positive when using it to put together a presentation, but when it comes to the actual output, PowerPoint falters. When hooked up to a projector, the preview pane on the computer that is being used in my case a current model MacBook Pro running OS X When using WebEx, the attendees see the slide show, but are 3 to 4 slides behind the current slide being discussed.

Don't buy this if you need to do presentations. Wait until Microsoft releases a few updates.